Incident Management and Reporting with CRM Technology

CRM is the foundation of any business and a defining characteristic of a successful company.

Both small and large businesses benefit from using CRM to help grow business.  Set-up, maintenance, and development of CRM technology can take a lot of time; time you could be spending with your customers to build better connections or creating new relationships and broadening your influence.

What does CRM do for you?

No more napkins or piles of business cards:

  • Load all your important contact details, and more, into a single platform, and provide you and your team 24/7 world-wide internet access to your customer database.
  • Users, vendors, customers, service accounts and colleagues: connect all your organization’s relationship information in one place.
  • Provide customers, users, and business partners with timely and effective support, ensuring consistency and excellence in your service profile.

Streamline workflow and improve productivity:

  • Designed to maximize your effectiveness in sales, service, marketing and customer connections, CRM will redefine your company through workflow automation, standardized best practices, and improved productivity.
  • Built-In Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools provide smarter reporting with usable insights to grow your business in even more ways.
  • Mobile applications are standard now so you can have custom interfaces set up for your office users and field users.

Integration, security, and training in one place:

  • Many of the top CRM technologies on the market are cloud-based, therefore security and software maintenance are more vigorous and consistent. This protects your data from corruption and potential misuse.
  • CRM software can integrate with many other programs that you already use so there is a smoother user transition and data integration for your team.  Extensive training platforms and certification credentials ensure you are maximizing your investment.

How Delegating Wisely can help you.

We have certified CRM professionals who will custom-build user platforms for both your office and field users, develop new applications unique to your business and integrate virtually any external application into your system.  We will also help you set up your user platforms and integrate many of the current programs you may be using.

Our qualified CRM staff will provide consultation and training and can design experiences unique to you.